A home style café restaurant on Ogi island (Ogijima).

Have lunch and tea time with local islanders.


Local foods, lunch, coffee, beer, soft drinks, and a lot more.


We try but don't speak good English.

Open this page and order pointing foods below, please :D



Please point them and order :)



Islander's lunch plate

No.1 popular menu!

600 yen

Rice cake soup with white MISO

600 yen

A local menu


Ogijima Neko Manma

500 yen

Rice with Ogijima handmade wheat miso.

Curry rice

500 yen

Curry rice with chees

600 yen

Island Somen noodle

500 yen

Morning set

400 yen

Toast with coffee or tea

Desert set "Bride of Seto"

600 yen

Baumkuchen can be changed with Taiyaki.


Vanilla ice cream 300 yen

Omusubi (rice ball) 100 yen

Coffee ( hot / iced ) 300 yen

Tea ( hot / iced )  300yen

Orange juice 300 yen

Cider 300 yen

Coke 300 yen


Hot chocolate 300 yen

Iced coffee with an ice cream on top 500 yen

Iced tea with an ice cream on top 500 yen

Orange juice with an ice cream on top 500 yen

Coke with an ice cream on top 500 yen

Soda with an ice cream on top 500 yen

Beer 500 yen

Non-alcohol beer 500 yen


* Ask for taking out. Say "TEIKU AUTO."

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TEL: 080-6285-4773


ADDRESS: 〒761-0091 香川県高松市男木町111

111, Ogi-cho, Takamatsu city, Kawaga, Japan 761-0091


OPEN: 不定休 

11:00 ~ 16:00



男木港 / Ogi port.


山に向かって右に進む / Walk right.


墓地の横道を上に進む / Turn left at the cemetry.


突き当りの井戸を右へ / Turn left at the well.



メモ: * は入力必須項目です